October: an English-speaking month for shootings in the Dordogne!

Posted on oct. 8, 2014

Escape to the continent

Escape to the Continent / Alienor Pauly


October is an English-speaking month for shootings in the Dordogne, as two TV programs are currently on shooting in the area.

First, the crew of « Escape to the continent« , produced by Boundless Production for the BBC, returned to the Dordogne for a second season series. This time, they shot for 9 days between Bergerac vineyards and South Dordogne wonders, like Lascaux cave, the Dordogne river valley and Sarlat. The shooting ended last Friday.

Discover the first season episode shot in the Dordogne last year by clicking HERE

Then, the new TV program, Castle Hunters, produced by Magilla for the american channel HGTV is currently on shooting at Excideuil Castle for 3 days. It will be broadcasted on New Year’s Eve 2015.

All of these projects are attended by the Dordogne Film Commission.

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